Helping startups and enterprises to win in the connected world. We help businesses across all industries, regions and growth stages to determine not what digital will do to them, but what they will do with digital. Use our in-depth knowledge and experience of advanced technology and industry’s best practices to your advantage.


We provide top-notch consulting services for improved business results. 
We will help you streamline processes while enhancing 
flexibility, capacity, and efficiency. 
Our core consulting capabilities
We team up with clients to define their vision and operating strategies, adapt their organisations and offerings to meet consumers' changing needs and expectations
Idea Assessment
Cloud Solutions
Mobile Consulting
Design Thinking
Enterprise Applications
Technology Architecture
Business Processes
Product Strategy

Why Aaludra Consulting?

Committed consultants with adaptive intelligence who can nail down to 
the business problems and provide solutions
Insightful & Innovative

Our 20+ years of IT experience and skilled team provides the best insights into an idea and create novel, technology-enabled solutions.

Consulting to implementation

We build strategies around real-time, feasible implementation experience that can successfully execute on our own thoughts and advices

Unique perspective

With every new idea coming from the client, our team brings a fresh perspective to them and then simply integrates creativity and technology

Powerful Metrics Analysis

We have the acumen to access real-time customer data and insights, understand the consumers and employee behaviours towards any service

Agile, effective management

Breaking down silos, we work responsively and with agility with customers and help to execute their projects at fast pace, ahead of competitors

Unmatched cognitive expertise

Smartest team of analysts and coders that can harness cutting-edge technology and cognitive computing to power digital transformation

Short note on our Consulting projects and case studies
Technology Startup
Cloud Infra Automation

Customer expected a single platform for managing all the cloud infrastructure from multiple cloud providers. Node, Terraform, Platform API, virtual appliances API's, packed with ELK and other UI frameworks to deliver the product objectives

Cloud Infrastructure

State government in India wanted to receive online applications for entrance exam to receive approx. 1m applications for various posting. AWS based infrastructure to handle such a load with balancer, auto scaling, firewall and security in place

Application Integration

A leading insurance company has variety of standalone applications with redundant master data. MDM platform developed with Java stack and integrated via API. New data from different system pushed thro' Redis for asynchronous nature

Mobile BI

The machine data to be collected via IoT devices and pushed to cloud. Some data exported manually to the platform, a mobile application assisted with web interface provide necessary information for better planning and operations

IT Enabled Startup
Data Analytics

SaaS BI Platform loads the statistical data from sources and do all sorts of cleansing and load it to reporting platform powered by Pentaho. Subscribed customer can do all sorts of historical analytics by pay subscription for the data.

On-field workforce App

A mobile app to help a large telecom operator on-field workforce team and help them to understand work schedule, travel plan, infrastructure details, ticket details, etc. App is integrated with other existing applications to pull and push the data