Need a solid software foundation for your business? Uncoordinated mobile apps and software stress out your employees and impede your productivity? Leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, integrations, modernising legacy systems, and application consolidation


Your business needs a reliable enterprise software solution to support business functions. 
It needs to scale, coordinate other applications and mobile apps. Aaludra has the experience, tools, 
and technologies to create such demanding custom software.

Digitise your business infrastructure with scalable web applications that improves key facets of your business, from automation to collaboration. Leverage our expertise to build an enterprise software solution that solves a particular business objectives 

Improve your software applications infrastructure with well-built microservices, reliable API, and data integration. Launch your mobile strategy with our comprehensive enterprise application development, or use our enterprise app integration solutions.

Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. We can perform an in-depth technical analysis of your legacy solution and improve it with the latest tools and technologies. 

Frequent mergers and acquisitions, temporary solutions leave enterprises with a wide variety of uncoordinated software solutions. We can help you consolidate, integrate, and refactor your applications as necessary, moving them to modern platform and cloud hosting. 
Some key technology stack for Enterprise Web Development
  • The technology stack we choose would Enterprise grade, cost effective

  • Open source frameworks, yet un-compromised performance, scalability, extensibility, availability, etc.,

  • SSL encryption for secured network level communication within application layers. Sensitive data would be stored in encrypted format in the database

  • Any type of application, let it be Monolithic, Microservices, Serverless applications based on the projects needs

Server Side

Enterprise Java frameworks, Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, Loopback, etc


Oracle, MySQL, Arango, Mongo, Redis, Dynamo, etc


JUnit, Selenium, Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, Jest, etc.,

Client Side

Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, SAAS, LESS

DevOps & Cloud

Git, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google, DigitalOcean, etc.,

Servers & Monitoring

CentOS, Apache, Nginx, PM2, Kibana Dashboards, etc.,

Short note on our Web Applications projects and case studies
Technology Startup
Cloud Infra Automation

Multi-tenant Multi-cloud SaaS platform for enterprises to manage their IT infrastructure at any scale from single console. This platform will helps to launch, maintain & monitor their or customers infrastructure

Retail (MSME)
Inventory and ECommerce

Multi-tenant SaaS platform to manage the inventories of any number of stores of a customer. The inventories are connected to billing module, online e-commerce channel for increased brand value

Retail (Medium, Large)
Field Order Digitisation

Multi-tenant SaaS platform for retail companies, stockist, distributors to digitise the field order taking and reduce gaps in the supply chain. The mobile interface will be used by the sales force for planning and order taking

Hiring Services
Job Portal

Multi-tenant SaaS platform where Companies, Recruiters, and Job seekers meets and full-fill the demands and supply. The recruiters can manage their customers and full hiring cycle. Job seekers has mobile app interface

IT Enabled Services
Business Directory

Connecting businesses and consumers on a single platform effortlessly and provide them a channel for business transactions. A web and mobile platform where any type supply and demands meets

Customer Portal

Corporate web platform for their customers to manage their insurances like, purchase new policy, renewal, addressing grievances, etc. This is integrated with core platform for real time processing