Increase agility, cut costs, optimise ROI and reduce CAPEX. We can help how cloud best fits with your business strategy and organisational structure.


Infrastructure as a Service | Platform as a Service | Software as a Service
Cloud Consulting

Analyse the impact that moving application to the cloud – from cost, administration, productivity standpoint. Analyse and recommend kind of cloud model suits you (IaaS / SaaS / PaaS).
Cloud Deployments

Understanding business model we implement right cloud best suits by cost , performance and security. Consistantly we ensure your applications are highly available and secure
Cloud Migrations

Migrate infrastructure, application and data by analysing of the existing application and the data which would be input to the system, the processing required to be carried out
Storage and DR Solutions

Cloud-enabled backup and DR solutions customized to your requirements can ensure that complete copies of your data are fully protected and readily available when needed


Benefits of Cloud

  • Multiple options Private, Public, Hybrid

  • Cost Savings on upfront Infrastructure expenditures

  • Remote Access, access from anywhere

  • Scalability, Easy upgradeable

  • Accessibility and ability to move superior technology

  • Improved Productivity

  • Employee collaboration

  • Security at all levels and layers

  • Inbuilt Disaster Recovery and High Availability

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Few Cloud platforms we partnered and work for providing the Cloud Services
for all IaaS, PaaS, SaaS solutions
A complete list of our cloud services
Strategy & Consulting Services

IT transformation, Determine Architecture, Strategy roadmap, Operational cost reduction

Disaster Recovery Services

Application protection, Remote management of all backups, Customized disaster recovery plans within and across data centres

Network Services

Provisioning for cloud network infrastructure, Operation management, Disaster recovery for mission-critical applications

Maintenance and Security

Continuous monitoring, Performance optimization, Security and Risk assessment, Data protection

Monitoring Services

Cloud-based application monitoring, Creating personalized parameters and checks, Setting up personalized alerts

Assurance Services

Management of cloud computing risks, Business case analysis, Implementation design

Migration Services

SWOT Analysis, Readiness Assessment, Cloud Migration Strategy, Migration and Review

Managed Services

Governance plan for cloud infrastructure Infrastructure, Optimization for better performance and cost savings

Email Services

Professional email hosting for your business domain, Zimbra collaboration suite as shared hosting or dedicated hosting