Need of the hour

Manage your products and inventory realtime

from anywhere anytime any device for any number of branches
Multiple Sales Channels
Receive orders from B2C, B2B, In-store, POS, wholesale channels, it can be web or mobile, you can experience seamless working
Maximise Sales & Profits
Help you to create additional revenue streams, receive and process orders with minimal investment when compare to ROI
Accuracy, Simple Analytics
Human errors are minimised, store and review the business transactions for analysis and decision making accurately
Increase Productivity
Increase the productivity with right system and process in place, for e.g. timely order process, financial reports without any manual effort
Cloud Inventory Focus

We address the key issues with typical inventory application. 1. Automation 2. Manual Errors 3. Data Security

Keep going with more features
  • Manage multiple branches, Manage Roles and Users
  • Record enquiries, prepare quotation in no time
  • Create various purchase orders, convert quote to PO, create invoices for orders
  • Manage customer and vendor payments, raise Credit and Debit Note
  • Stock adjustments and Transfers between branches. Maintain different types of stock
  • Quick dashboards and extensive reports
  • Web and Mobile interfaces for convenience



A Cloud-based approach automates the supply chain so that the execution of an order can be done without involving human labor, freeing your team’s time for higher level decisions and priorities


Error reduction

Cloud-based apps, every stakeholder, from the manufacturer to the shipping company to the courier gets up-to-date information instantly, with no risk of duplications, missed orders or incorrect information, saving time and money



Safety of valuable information is guaranteed when Cloud-based inventory management is used: data backup on storage devices is not needed as all data is kept securely in the Cloud remotely.

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  • Deployed on Cloud, Delivered as SaaS

  • No commitment, exit any time whenever you want

  • 99.5% availability guaranteed

  • API access and integrate with your applications

  • Unlimited stores, products, invoices, etc.,

  • All the feature are unlocked

$ 25

Delivered as SaaS Monthly Subscription 18/6 Support 10% discount on Annual Plan

$ 115

Dedicated Instance Monthly Subscription 24/7 Support 10% discount on Annual Plan