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The Moment.js is an JavaScript library that helps you manage dates. Sometimes It is bit difficult to handle date and time.
Moment.js, the impressive JavaScript library for validating, parsing and manipulating dates and times,time zones.
The moment object in Moment.js is mutable.

Moment was designed to work both in the browser and in Node.js. Moment.js is available on cdnjs.com and on jsDelivr.

Moment.js has robust support for internationalization.

npm install moment --save   # npm
yarn add moment             # Yarn
Install-Package Moment.js   # NuGet
spm install moment --save   # spm
meteor add momentjs:moment  # meteor
bower install moment --save # bower (deprecated)

Get Current Date and Time

const currentdate = moment();

Manipulating Date 

We can achieve this manipulation via the add() and subtract() methods.

#Add Syntax

moment().add(Number, String);

#Subtract Syntax

moment().subtract(Number, String);

#Calculating the Difference Between Dates

const moment = require('moment');
const dateB = moment('1990-07-01');
const dateC = moment('2019-07-19');
console.log('Difference is ', dateB.diff(dateC, 'days'), 'days');
console.log('Difference is ', dateB.diff(dateC, 'months'), 'months');
console.log('Difference is ', dateB.diff(dateC, 'years'), 'years');

Format Dates
moment().format('MMMM DD YYYY, h:mm:ss a'); // July 14 2019, 12:18:13 pm
moment().format('dddd');                    // Sunday
moment().format("MMM DD YY");               // Jul 14 19
moment().format('YYYY [escaped] YYYY');     // 2019 escaped 2019
moment().format();                         // 2019-07-14T12:22:46+05:30

Date Comparison Methods

Comparison methods are isBefore(), isAfter(), and isSame(). These methods return boolean values that are indicating if one date is before, after, or equal to another date.

const moment = require('moment');
console.log(moment('2019-07-14').isAfter('2019-07-13')); // returns false
console.log(moment('2019-07-14').isAfter('2019-07-20')); // returns true


moment.parseZone is equivalent to parsing the string and using moment#utcOffset to parse the zone.

Checking current moment.js locale

This is as simple as calling moment.locale without any parameters.

moment.locale(); // returns 'en'

UTC Offset

This function will return the current offset variation with respect to the system server timezone.

moment().utcOffset(); // (-240, -120, -60, 0, 60, 120, 240, etc.)

Changing locale globally

Moment.js has robust support for internationalization. We easily change the locale as required.





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This is the complete list, yet some of the best practices we follow when we code. Keep reading

Declaration should ends with semicolons properly
Variable/function declarations should always with var keyword

var myfunction = function() {};


The best tool for linting your JavaScript code is JSHint.(https://jshint.com/)

Don’t Use Short-Hand

The curly braces should be omitted is with one-liners.
if(1 + 1 === 2) return 'correct'; // one-line
if(1 + 1 === 2) {x=true; anotherFunctionCall();};

=== Instead of ==
Working with == and !=, leads into issues while using different types, so better way is to use === and !==

Avoid long argument list

Use a single object as parameter , it helps in handling optional parameters.

function getRegisteredUsers ({ fields, include, fromDate, toDate }) { // Implementation}

fields: ['name','email'],
include: ['favorites'],
fromDate: '2019-05-05',
toDate: '2019-05-10'

Optimize loops

Loops may slow down and the most common mistake is to read the length attribute of an array at every iteration.

Avoid nesting

Nesting is hard to follow on complex logic, little bit confusing too.

Place Scripts at the Bottom of web Page

Always place the scripts at end bottom of the page, which helps to load the page as quick as possible.

Use {} Instead of New Object()

There are several ways available to create a object. Best way I suggest is to use {} instead of new Object();
var a = {}; // Correct
var a = new Object(); // wrong

Use [] Instead of New Array()

Best way to declare a array is to use [] instead of new Array();
var teams = ['a','b','c'];

Comment the Code

Comment or describe(shortly) the code for better understanding. It may helps while we visit the code later.