Technology Transformation / Content Management System – Case Study

Content Management System(CMS)- Case Study


  • Content Managaement System members and volunteers worldwide faced challenges in communication and collaboration due to geographical dispersion and limited connectivity.
  • They are tracking it publishing a book for every year.
  • Manual processes for project tracking, event management, and member engagement led to inefficiencies and delays in  humanitarian activities
  • The  Donation Tracking: The existing system lacked a streamlined process for donation collection, tracking, and transparency.


  • Content Managaement System(CMS) is a global organization dedicated to empowering the clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and provide humanitarian services and grants that impact lives globally.
  • The mission also emphasizes fostering peace and international understanding. To enhance their mission and facilitate seamless engagement, a comprehensive web and mobile application was developed with a focus on donation integration.
  • The primary objective is to streamline operations, facilitate communication, and empower Club members to effectively carry out their mission


  • Project and Activity Tracking: Implemented features for creating, managing, and tracking humanitarian projects and activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Digitilization: In this app having the feature, we can track and find out the Events, members birthday and anniversary wishes through mobile and we can find a blood group and etc.
  • Membership Management: Integrated a robust membership management system to streamline registration, renewals, and profile management for individual members and club administrators.
  • Communication and Collabaration: Provided forums, discussion boards, and real-time messaging to enhance communication and collaboration among Club Members, V, and Partners.



  • Global Connectivity:The web and mobile applications facilitated global connectivity, enabling Club m members to collaborate seamlessly regardless of geographical locations.
  • Efficient Operations: Automation of processes, including membership management and project tracking, led to more efficient operations, reducing manual efforts and minimizing delay.
  • Real-Time Information: The centralized system provided real-time information, empowering Club members to make informed decisions, respond promptly to emerging needs, and showcase the impact of their initiatives globally.

Tech Stack

Front-End Language, Framework



Back-End Language, Framework


Node JS





Digital Ocean

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