Our Salesforce modules allow businesses to make greater use of cloud technology. This helps to communicate with consumers, partners, and potential clients.


Allow Businesses to Make Greater Use of Cloud Technology

From driving productivity to automation to collaboration and beyond, Salesforce integration helps your business in many ways.

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Enabling Automation

Salesforce integration enables the automation of many tasks in your organization so that your workforce can focus on tasks that need specialized skills and human intelligence.

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Modernizing Data Infrastructure

With the amount of data being generated by enterprises growing at an unprecedented rate, it is critical that businesses are able to put this information to good use. Salesforce Integration will help you modernize your data infrastructure.

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360-Degree Customer View

A way of understanding our customers better than ever before. An integrated system with data collected from multiple sources will help you get a complete view of customers’ needs, pain points, and behavior.

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Reliable Decision-Making

By using Sales Integration with other systems like ERP, and other platforms, your leadership team will have a complete view of the business. This will help them make better decisions about how to allocate resources and make sure that the company is on track with its goals.

Our Salesforce Capabilities

New Salesforce Implementations

•  User and Organization Setup
•  Security Modeling
•  Workflow and Process Automation
•  Custom Development
•  Data Import and Migration

Integration with Other Applications

•  ERP Integration
•  Accounting Systems Integration
•  Database Integration
•  Marketing Automation Integration
•  Ecommerce Integration

Managed Services and Support

•  18 Years of Enterprise Application Expertise
•  90% customer retention
•  Get the highest ROI on your Salesforce investments
•  Experience in handling services and support for big clients like 3M, Sony

Strategy and Consultation

•  Identifying your current strategic position
•  Business Process Analysis
•  Process Re-Engineering
•  Formulate a strategic plan
•  Constantly monitor performance

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